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Original Tom Wahl’s listed as historic business

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The original Tom Wahl’s, a beloved local eatery, reached a significant milestone on Thursday as it was officially listed on the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry. Established on March 19, 1955, in Avon, the restaurant has become a staple in the Finger Lakes region, boasting a long-standing tradition of serving the community.

The founder, Tom Wahl, who is now 92, attributes the success of his brand to a consistent focus on quality, a principle that has evidently stood the test of time. Despite selling the brand to Bill Gray’s Inc. in 1986, Tom Wahl’s legacy continues with seven locations still operating in the region. Reflecting on his journey, Wahl expressed immense satisfaction with his life’s work, stating he would “do the same thing over again” if given the chance.

Tom Wahl’s recognition as a historic business underscores its significant role in the local culinary scene and the broader community. Wahl, with a light-hearted touch, credits his personal longevity to eating “a lot of cheeseburgers,” encapsulating the spirit of a business that has become much more than just a restaurant, but a cherished part of New York’s history.