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SUNY enrollment up at some campuses, down at others: What does it mean?

As the current college semester draws to a close, a spotlight is cast on the varying enrollment trends at SUNY campuses. SUNY Brockport stands out with its remarkable achievement, having welcomed over 2,000 new students this semester, marking its largest influx in more than five decades.

Several SUNY institutions are facing challenging times, though. SUNY Geneseo reports a 28 percent decline in student numbers over the past decade, with a significant decrease this fall compared to the previous year.

However, the university remains optimistic, highlighting a recent uptick in first-year student enrollment and a notably high average GPA among incoming students. They attribute the overall drop to graduating larger classes and smaller incoming cohorts, seeing potential for growth despite current hurdles.

Meanwhile, SUNY Fredonia is grappling with a stark 40 percent enrollment decline over the last ten years. In response, President Stephen H. Kolison Jr. has introduced a “Roadmap to Financial Stability,” proposing the elimination of thirteen academic programs, including degrees in French, Spanish, and Visual Arts.

This strategic move, affecting a small percentage of the undergraduate body, aims to streamline operations and boost future enrollment. SUNY Chancellor John B. King Jr. has expressed confidence in this plan, emphasizing Fredonia’s enduring role as a significant educational and community asset.