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Wayne Central welcomes 42 new members of National Honor Society

In a recent ceremony, Wayne Central School District proudly inducted 42 students into its chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), recognizing their academic and personal achievements.

The NHS, a prestigious organization, selects students not only for their academic excellence but also for their demonstrated strengths in service, leadership, and character. To be eligible for induction, students are required to maintain an academic average of 90 or higher, showcasing their commitment to scholarly excellence.

The 2023 inductees include a diverse group of students, each exemplifying the high standards set by the National Honor Society. Among the inductees are Abigail Agnello, Samantha Branner, Addison Contestabile, Neveah Crary, Cameron Crawford, Zachary Dastyck, Brian Dennie, Thomas Duffy, Logan DuVall-Swartzenberg, Zoe Eaton, Grady Emo, Joshua Ford, Elizabeth Frick, Annabelle Heiden, Hayden Hillen, Jenna Holihan, Kaitlin Hughes, Hayden Leonard, Aidan LeStrange, Alexis Liberti, and Calista Lumb. The list continues with Kathryn Mueller, Alexandra Mullin, Chloe Negron, Kayla O’Neill, Jaden Ocke, Araya Olszowy, Diamond Parks, Samantha Ray, Chloe Rexroad, Addison Rice, Julia Rice, Jonah Schichtel, Cassidy Sehm, Emma Shay, Camryn Stopka, Blade Surowiec, Ilianna Surowiec, James Sutton, Jamie Taillie, Isabella Veltre, and Isaac White.

This induction is a significant milestone for these students, marking their commitment to the core values of the National Honor Society. Their inclusion in the NHS is a testament to their hard work and dedication in various aspects of their school life. The Wayne Central School District and its community are proud of these students’ accomplishments and look forward to their continued contributions to their school and society.