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Legislature will review comp plan in Steuben County: What’s in it?

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The final draft of the Steuben County Comprehensive Plan is scheduled for review by the county legislature in late December.

This plan, shaped by extensive community involvement and expert consultation, is designed to lay the foundation for Steuben County’s development over the next 10-15 years. The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, led by Deputy Manager Christopher Brewer, recently refined the plan, focusing on critical community values and policy areas.

The plan’s development involved an 18-month collaboration with the Rochester-based MRB Group, the steering committee, and extensive public engagement, including eight public sessions, virtual meetings, consultations with 28 agencies, and direct input from municipal officials. The plan aims to provide a strategic framework for future development in Steuben County, aiding local agencies in securing external funding for various projects. Key components of the plan include support for agriculture and environmental sustainability, improving broadband access, enhancing transportation systems, developing affordable housing, and fostering educational and training programs.

Before the final adoption by the legislature, the plan will undergo an environmental review and a public hearing, following preliminary approval by county legislators. The plan’s initiatives also include bolstering community development resources, coordinating with schools to support trade and manufacturing training, and collaborating with neighboring counties and the state to identify workforce and training opportunities. This comprehensive approach seeks to address the diverse needs of Steuben County’s residents and businesses, laying the groundwork for sustained growth and development.