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Steuben County awarded $500,000 for climate-friendly manure storage facility

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The Steuben County Soil and Water Conservation District has received a significant financial boost from New York State, securing over $500,000 to construct a manure storage facility aimed at combating climate change.

The $511,125 grant, announced by Governor Hochul’s Office, will be used in collaboration with a local dairy farm to build a covered manure storage facility. This initiative is a part of the state’s efforts to mitigate climate change impacts through innovative agricultural practices.

The new facility is designed to reduce methane emissions and address water quality issues by effectively separating solids from manure and keeping them dry. This process not only minimizes the volume of manure in storage but also repurposes the dried manure solids for livestock bedding. This recycling of resources will subsequently decrease the farm’s reliance on imported bedding materials, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming operation.

This funding is a part of the seventh round of the Climate Resilient Farming Grant Program, a state-sponsored initiative under New York’s Agricultural Environmental Management framework. The program aims to assist farmers in adapting to climate change challenges, particularly in the wake of increasing severe weather events in New York. State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball highlighted the program’s role in providing tangible solutions in the fight against climate change and supporting farmers. In the most recent funding cycle, nearly $16 million was allocated to 116 farms across New York State, with all projects managed by county Soil and Water Conservation Districts. This investment marks a significant step towards more climate-resilient farming practices in the state.