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State lawmakers propose expanded surrogacy regulations

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In an effort to enhance legal and medical protections in the realm of surrogacy, New York lawmakers, led by Sen. Liz Krueger, are set to consider new legislation in the upcoming session.

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This move aims to strengthen the regulatory framework for all parties involved in gestational surrogacy, including sperm and egg donors, surrogate mothers, their children, and the intended parents. The proposal seeks to build upon the Child-Parent Security Act, which legalized gestational surrogacy in New York in 2021, addressing gaps in the existing legal and medical protections.

The proposed legislation intends to address the complexities and ethical considerations arising from recent advancements in reproductive medicine, which have led to increased medical complications for all involved parties.

Key aspects of the proposed bill include enhanced privacy protections and the establishment of a registry for egg donor surrogates and intended parents.

This registry aims to enforce new policies and limit the number of offspring from a single donor. The bill also stipulates that all screening and services must be performed by state-licensed clinicians, enhancing the safety of the surrogacy process.

Additionally, the legislation would entitle donors to access their medical records and information about the use of their donated cells. Importantly, it seeks to provide people conceived from a donor or born of a surrogate with access to their personal identity and health history information.