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Southern Cayuga Instant Aid boosts fleet with new ambulance

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Southern Cayuga Instant Aid has expanded its emergency response capabilities with the introduction of a new ambulance, which was put into operation last month.

The additional vehicle, identified as Southern Cayuga A1, is a Medix ME166 model built on a 2023 Ford E-450 chassis and was acquired through VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists.

This advanced life support ambulance enhances the service’s readiness, while the existing 2017 Ford ambulance will continue to serve as a basic life support reserve unit, known as Southern Cayuga A2.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

The design of the new rig features contributions from the creative minds within the Southern Cayuga Instant Aid team, signifying the organization’s collaborative spirit. Officially launched into service on October 19, the ambulance’s unique graphic design is a visual testament to the crew’s dedication and community spirit.

Financial support for this significant upgrade came from the towns of Genoa, Ledyard, Scipio, and Venice. Additionally, the purchase was funded by accumulated memorial donations and various community contributions, reflecting the region’s commitment to robust emergency services.

Serving the community since 1968, Southern Cayuga Instant Aid is a nonprofit organization that blends professional and volunteer efforts to provide vital services in Poplar Ridge and the surrounding areas.