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Steuben County on track to adopt long-term development plan in 2024

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Steuben County is on track to adopt a comprehensive development plan early next year, designed to guide local decision-making through 2039. A draft shaped by the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and key stakeholders is expected to be presented to the county Legislature in December, following an environmental review. Public hearings will be held prior to the plan’s anticipated finalization in February 2024.

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The plan, orchestrated by The MRB Group since August 2022, is set to encompass five core community values and address nine policy areas, reflecting inputs from county agencies and public engagement efforts. These efforts included public input sessions, virtual meetings, consultations with municipal officials, and feedback from the county website. Deputy County Manager Christopher Brewer highlighted the extensive public and agency involvement in the plan’s creation and emphasized the shift towards implementing policy areas post-adoption.

Upon legislative approval, the county aims to initiate specific strategies through 2026, tapping into potential state and federal funding. Key early focus areas include supporting agricultural businesses and environmental sustainability, expanding broadband access, improving affordable housing, enhancing transportation systems, and fostering workforce development through collaboration with educational institutions and neighboring regions. Continuous reporting and follow-up by involved agencies will be crucial for the plan’s success. Details about the development strategy and upcoming public hearing schedules are available at