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Glider crashes on driving range in Southern Tier

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Chemung County emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene of a glider crash in the Town of Big Flats on Saturday. The incident involved a 67-year-old certified glider instructor from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and his 14-year-old student from Horseheads, New York.

According to officials, the aircraft encountered difficulties while trying to land after a flight lesson. The pilot and student were unable to descend sufficiently for a safe runway landing, prompting the instructor to perform an emergency maneuver. The glider ended up on the Harris Hill driving range, where it tipped sideways during the landing attempt, resulting in damage to one wing and the aircraft’s nose.

Credit: WETM-TV

Remarkably, both the instructor and the student emerged from the situation without injuries. Emergency crews who arrived subsequently took charge of the scene, carefully dismantling the damaged glider and clearing the debris from the driving range.