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Ontario County boosts FLCC funding amid demonstrated economic impact

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The Ontario County Board of Supervisors endorsed a $1.2 million augmentation to Finger Lakes Community College’s (FLCC) 2024 budget on Thursday, Oct. 26.

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This latest approval, directed towards reinforcing student accomplishments, workforce growth, and healthcare professional training, is on top of the $3.8 million allocated in August. The overall $5 million marked for FLCC’s operations in the 2024 county budget follows dialogues centered around the college’s newly-minted five-year strategic plan. “FLCC’s tradition of outstanding education will be bolstered by this collaborative funding approach,” noted Board Chairman Todd Campbell.

This fiscal endorsement came after the unveiling of a report, co-sponsored by the college and Ontario County, shedding light on FLCC’s substantial economic influence across a seven-county expanse. The study, executed by labor market analytics firm Lightcast, revealed that FLCC infuses $197.9 million yearly into the regional economy. Delving into specifics, every dollar students invested in their FLCC education translates to a $4.90 rise in their prospective earnings. On the taxpayers’ front, for each dollar channelled into the college, there’s a $2.40 return, attributable to increased lifetime earnings of students and amplified business output.

The report dissected FLCC’s comprehensive economic impact, encompassing payroll, purchasing, and infrastructural undertakings. In the 2020-21 fiscal year, the institution employed 476 individuals and maintained a $33.7 million payroll, further allocating $14.1 million for operational expenses. Additionally, the presence of FLCC deterred potential student emigrations, bolstering local spending by $5 million. Former students’ contribution to the local workforce also generated an impressive $155.8 million in added income. “FLCC’s profound impact stretches beyond academics, driving significant economic growth in our region,” articulated Ontario County Administrator Chris DeBolt.