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Lake Ontario is 5th most picturesque landscape in U.S.

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Lake Ontario has been recognized as one of the “Most Picturesque Landscapes in America,” according to an analysis by Maryland’s Storyboards, a company dedicated to crafting wall art from photos.

The ranking, derived from Instagram hashtag data, positions Lake Ontario at No. 5, with over a million mentions. The analysis revealed a trend favoring lakes, as seven out of the top ten spots were occupied by them.

Commenting on the findings, Storyboards co-founder Gaven Glick noted the apparent American preference for lake landscapes. In praising Lake Ontario’s allure, Daniel Breitweg from the Oswego County Department of Community Development emphasized the lake’s recreational offerings, rich heritage sites, and its 712 miles of shoreline. The list also featured three other Great Lakes, with Lake Tahoe clinching the top spot.