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New York will mandate employers notify workers of eligibility for unemployment benefits

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Governor Kathy Hochul has enacted new legislation in New York, aiming to empower workers by mandating that employers notify them of their potential eligibility for unemployment benefits. This legislation stems from the observation by state lawmakers that a significant number of workers are uninformed about their eligibility for such assistance, and thus, often fail to avail of the benefits to which they are entitled.

The law, which takes effect in November, necessitates that employers inform employees, at the time they are laid off or experience a reduction in scheduled hours, about their likely eligibility for unemployment aid. Senator Shelley Mayer emphasized the significance of this law, stating that it serves as an initial step for New Yorkers to access unemployment benefits through the Department of Labor and is crucial for those struggling to afford basic needs for their families due to reduced income or complete loss of a job. Mayer further noted that individuals who qualify for unemployment are likely to be eligible for additional aid programs, like the supplemental nutrition assistance program.

Senator Mayer highlighted the practical implications of this legislation, pointing out that it ensures individuals are aware of their rights and the benefits available to them. By receiving a notice, New Yorkers can better understand the necessary steps to contact the Department of Labor and access the range of support available to them, providing critical assistance to those struggling to meet basic needs due to unemployment or reduced work hours.