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LETTER: Seneca Falls Town Supervisor responds to recent letter writers and Mr. Schmitter

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Editor’s Note: The following is a letter to the editor submitted by Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Mike Ferrara. If you’d like to share your own (on any topic), send it to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Letter’ and include your name, town, and associated document.

For the record, a RINO is a Republican In Name Only. 

I strongly disagree with Mr. Schmitter’s response to a recent letter to the editor when he said “At this local level, the major issues that make us choose to be affiliated with one party or another do not come into play”. From where I sit, local parties, local issues and most importantly, all citizens of the Town of Seneca Falls, certainly do matter.

The lone Democrat on the current Town Board has repeatedly voted in favor of closing a legitimate business that is the most highly regulated business in Seneca Falls. He also voted against other businesses that wanted to come to Seneca Falls because he did not agree with what the businesses did. These businesses would have created good paying jobs and increase our tax base. 

The lone Democrat on the Board has repeatedly voted against infrastructure projects, most of which would have cost our taxpayers pennies on the dollar. These projects are public safety projects that would make our drinking water safer, and finally fix most of the drainage issues in our Town. Thankfully, the Conservative and Republican members of the Board were able to move forward in spite of the lone Democrat. 

 Mr. Schmitter, the voters of Seneca Falls are smarter than you are giving them credit. I am surprised that you didn’t mention that the lone Democrat on the Board was the very person who nominated you at the Democrat caucus. At the very least you could have informed our citizens that you were nominated by Mr. Churchill BECAUSE you obviously have endorsed the Democrat Party’s platform. 

As for working for all the people of Seneca Falls-whether they are Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Independent, that is exactly what I have been doing for the past four years! Check out my web site;  

 Give me a call sometime and we can set up a podcast together and answer the tough questions. The people deserve to know the facts and more importantly, your position on the issues. Party affiliation certainly matters on the local level! I am proud to be endorsed by the Conservative Party whose goal is to work for ALL the people of Seneca Falls, and continue to move our great Town forward! I also believe the Republicans and Conservatives of Seneca Falls, like Mr. and Mrs. Piscitelli, know a RINO when they see one.