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FDA warns of vape pens that look like highlighters

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As schools gear up to reopen, teen vaping remains a major concern for parents, educators, and health professionals.

Intensifying these concerns is a new product from a company that has designed vape pens resembling everyday highlighters, known as High-Light Vape Pens.

Experts say the potential target demographic, noting that while these products are marketed towards adults, teens often find ways to acquire them.

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The devices, according to the company’s Instagram, come in about 20 flavors and offer between 4,000 to 6,000 puffs, potentially delivering nicotine concentrations far exceeding that of traditional cigarettes.

A 2022 CDC study underscored the scale of the problem, revealing over 2.5 million middle and high school students have reported using e-cigarettes. Fortunately, there are numerous local programs aimed at helping teens quit these devices.