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State, local officials say more help needed for Canandaigua as flood recovery continues

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Senator Pam Helming, Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan, and local officials from Ontario County and Canandaigua, have appealed to New York State for immediate emergency repair funding. The requested funding aims to aid homeowners in Ontario County grappling with the aftermath of recent floods. Approximately 200 homes in Canandaigua were damaged by the deluge, leaving many homeowners in urgent need of critical repairs to make their homes safe and livable again.

Senator Helming lauded the support received from state and federal governments, but stressed the need for further aid. “I’ve made personal calls to the Governor’s office and to the Commissioner’s office at NYS Homes and Community Renewal to ask that emergency repair grants be made immediately available to help Ontario County homeowners impacted by the flooding,” said Helming. She also commended local officials, businesses, nonprofits, and volunteers for their dedicated assistance during this crisis.

Assemblyman Gallahan urged equal treatment in disaster response. “Now that President Biden has declared a federal disaster for Ontario County, we deserve the same emergency repair funding grants that are being provided to homeowners downstate by Governor Hochul,” he stated.

Ontario County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Todd Campbell, expressed his gratitude for the leadership shown by Senator Helming and Assemblyman Gallahan, reiterating the critical need for the funds. Canandaigua’s Town Supervisor, Jared Simpson, emphasized the severity of the damage, reporting that some homes had experienced over eight feet of water and irreparable foundation damage. He also recognized the significant contributions of volunteer organizations Team Rubicon and Crisis Cleanup.

City of Canandaigua Mayor Bob Palumbo highlighted the necessity of immediate aid, acknowledging that many affected homeowners are blue-collar workers and retirees who may not have the means to wait for long-term assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Meanwhile, Senator Helming appealed to the federal government to hasten hazard mitigation funding to New York under the federal STORM Act, advocating for the state’s Hazard Mitigation Revolving Loan Fund to help local governments reduce future disaster risks.