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Wildfire smoke should start to subside later today

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The Finger Lakes is once again experiencing a haze from wildfire smoke, with the primary sources being numerous active fires across the western provinces of Canada and Quebec.

This smoke is causing a noticeable degradation in the region’s air quality, particularly impacting those in lower atmospheric areas or near the ground. However, according to recent model guidance, the dense smoke is expected to start clearing up later today and gradually dissipate throughout Wednesday, particularly in the afternoon.

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The Air Quality Index (AQI) is predicted to stay within the ‘unhealthy’ range sporadically until Tuesday. This status indicates a potential health risk for sensitive groups such as individuals with respiratory conditions, the very young, and the elderly. There is also a possibility that the air quality could pose a risk to the general population, especially during Tuesday morning. However, this smoke influx is reportedly not as severe as the one the region experienced in June.

Hazy sky last night in Sodus, New York, Photo captured by Charlie Marie.

The smoky haze is forecast to persist into Tuesday, but air conditions are expected to show steady improvement during the day, particularly in the afternoon. By Tuesday night and Wednesday, residents should experience significant relief, both from the reduction of smoke and lessened humidity levels. Thus, by mid-week, the residents of Central New York can look forward to breathing easier.