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Don’t swim in Conesus Lake for now: HABs a concern

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The Livingston County Department of Health has issued a warning for residents and visitors, advising against swimming in Conesus Lake due to the presence of dangerous blue-green algae blooms. These blooms can cause a painful rash upon skin contact and pose health risks if ingested, presenting a threat to both humans and pets.

Mark Grove, the Livingston County Director of Environmental Health, stressed the unpredictable nature of these blooms, which can rapidly expand from a small localized area to encompass the entire lake. The health department has noted these blooms in past years, often following harsh storms, but tracking their occurrence remains challenging due to the specific conditions required for their growth.

In case of accidental contact with the algae, the health department recommends immediate rinsing with clean water to minimize potential side effects. Grove particularly highlighted the need for pet owners to be vigilant during this period, as their pets could also be affected by the blooms.