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What should consumers do as investigation into CNY credit card skimmers unfolds?

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Credit card skimmers have been discovered at five Walmart stores this past week, say police departments responding to the coordinated fraud.

The skimming devices were installed on Sunday, July 2 and found on Wednesday, July 5 in the Granby, East Syracuse, Camillus, Auburn, and Oswego Walmart locations.

UPDATE (7/11/23 @ 3:49 PM) – Credit card skimming devices have now been found at Walmart stores in Canandaigua and Geneva

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While no victims have yet been reported, authorities are advising those who used their credit cards at these stores during this period to monitor their accounts for potential fraudulent charges.

Surveillance images from Auburn, Camillus, and Oswego stores show three individuals believed to be responsible for installing the skimmers, devices designed to look like regular credit card readers but steal card information when a card is inserted.

The FBI has indicated it will get involved in the investigation if the crime crosses state lines or if requested by local law enforcement.

Experts say they aren’t surprised multiple stores were hit simultaneously.

They emphasize that consumers should be vigilant, inspecting card reading devices for any signs of tampering before use. FICO suggests consumers use the most secure payment methods available, set up real-time alerts with their financial institutions, and shield their PIN code whenever entering it.

Photo provided by law enforcement of those involved in the Auburn skimming incident.