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The Most Weird and Wonderful Uses of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is certainly the technology of the moment, it’s being used in all kinds of inventive ways. From people cheating on their academic essays to police using it to catch criminals online, there seem to be few limits to what human inventiveness and artificial intelligence can achieve together. Whilst some of the innovation surrounding AI makes complete sense, there are other inventive uses that are altogether stranger. We’re going to take a look at a cross-section of AI uses that encapsulate both the weirdest and the most wonderful potential of this powerful technology.

Plant Pollination

The natural world does so much for us, but the effects that humans are having on the planet are threatening to change this forever. As it stands, bees pollinate an incredible percentage of our food, in Europe, around 84%. If bees disappeared entirely today, then we would last about four years before all human life was wiped out; that’s how important bees are. However, the existence of bees is being threatened by climate change, pesticides, and unsustainable farming practices. In response to this, one company has created what they believe could be a stop-gap solution, to help maintain food security for humans and fill in the gaps that bees are leaving.

Robotic bees have been created that use GPS data to find their way from plant to plant. They have built-in high-resolution cameras that help the robot bees to locate the areas of the plant with the most pollen. So far the test runs have been small, as these bees can be prohibitively expensive to create. However, the robotic bees are at least as successful as real bees when it comes to pollinating and if their costs can be lowered, they could become a viable alternative in the future.

Brewing Beer

Have you ever thought you’d do a better job at brewing beer yourself? After all, you know all of the elements you like the most in a pint of beer, so you’d surely come up with something perfectly suited to your own palate. This is what the company IntelligentX thought when it set about creating the first-ever AI-brewed beer. There are certain non-negotiable steps in the brewing process, which AI can be trained very quickly to understand and complete. Levels of alcohol can be measured, temperatures can be taken and yeast or sugars can be added as necessary.

The incredible bit of this AI-driven process is that the consumer is invited to create a profile based on their very own beer preferences. The consumer will select their taste preferences and rank them from 1 through 10 and then the machine will interpret the data and set about brewing. It’s still learning through customer feedback, but it’s a fascinating insight into what could be possible in terms of custom drinking and dining experiences.

Reducing Fraud

If you’re a fan of playing at online casinos then you ought to be thrilled to hear about the lengths that casino companies are going to in order to keep your account safe. Not only do these sites provide bonuses and promotions, the likes of which you can find at CasinoBonusCA, but they also employ AI technology to churn through endless data in order to keep players safer than ever online. One of the most pioneering uses of this technology is in behavioral analysis, where AI will collect data every time a person uses a casino site and spot patterns in the player’s use.

For example, if a player is generally a conservative bettor, but suddenly starts placing huge bets on single roulette spins, the AI will flag this to those in the fraud team to allow it to be investigated further. This helps to keep player’s safe, by enabling unusual patterns to be spotted and flagged quickly, helping to prevent any losses if hackers or fraudsters gain access to someone’s account.

Self-Driving Cars

Finally, although many drivers are worried about the implications of self-driving cars, the technology behind them is likely to keep people far safer than cars driven by humans ever could. AI is able to be completely objective about any driving situation, removing the possibility of human error. It can remain calm and act rationally to save as many lives as possible. As well as this, AI driven cars can communicate with one another to help to optimize their journeys. This could help to reduce congestion and speed up journey times, something that all of us should be able to get on board with.

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