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World of Warcraft: Best Classes for Mythic+ in Dragonflight Season 2

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In WoW: Dragonflight 10.1, the meta was completely shaken up with a flurry of buffs and nerfs applied to every class. As the game continues to evolve rapidly, the rankings of DPS specs have seen significant changes. If you want to keep up with all the game’s adjustments as well as stay in the loop regarding the current top-performing DPS characters,  don’t forget to check out the handy addon  Details! Damage Meter.

Dragonflight Best Classes: Make Your Choice Wisely

From an exciting new raid and Mythic+ dungeons to the introduction of tier sets and sweeping balance adjustments, the arrival of Patch 10.1 promises to shake up the Dragonflight DPS rankings. Of course, the choice of the “best” DPS classes depends on a variety of factors, including the encounter mechanics, your skill, and the current balance in the game. However, there are still some IMBA classes in all Dragonflight encounters, and Patch 10.1 comes as no exception. And it’s best to know them all. If you already have your favorite class and want to get BIS gear, you can order Dragonflight Mythic Boost for Mythic+ carry.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests bring a unique blend of sustained damage, utility, and psychic manipulation to excel in the DPS role. Their core mechanic is managing the Insanity resource, which represents the depths of their connection to the Void. As they cast their spells, Shadow Priests generate Insanity and can unleash devastating Void Eruptions, Devouring Plagues, and Mind Blasts upon their enemies. 

Shadow Priests can apply damage-over-time effects like Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain, which steadily erode the health of their targets. Additionally, they can tap into their Voidform state, thus, activating their additional devastating abilities. 


  • Excellent sustained damage over time
  • Provides utility through dispels and buffs
  • Can self-heal through Vampiric Embrace
  • Good resource management with Insanity mechanics
  • Can generate and spread damage-over-time effects effectively
  • Strong multi-target damage with the right talents


  • Relatively complex rotation and resource management
  • Limited burst damage potential compared to other DPS classes
  • Heavily dependent on gear and secondary stats
  • Requires coordination and planning to maximize utility in raids.

Fire Mage

Fire Mages bring explosive damage, crowd control, and high mobility to excel in the DPS role. The central mechanic of a Fire Mage is their Mastery: Ignite. Each spell they cast has a chance to ignite their targets, causing damage over time based on a percentage of the initial spell’s damage. They can cast spells like Fireball and Pyroblast to unleash fiery devastation upon their enemies. 

Additionally, Fire Mages can utilize their Mastery to spread Ignite to nearby targets, creating a chain reaction of fiery damage. To maximize your damage during Combustion, it’s recommended to save charges of Fire Blast and Phoenix’s Flames. Aim to have available charges of these abilities before entering each Combustion phase. If you run out of charges, you can use Scorch as an alternative.


  • Unleashing formidable bursts of damage
  • Strong area of effect (AoE) damage capabilities
  • Benefits from Ignite mechanics for additional damage
  • Access to powerful cooldowns like Combustion and Rune of Power
  • Can synergize well with other classes for increased damage output


  • Reliance on critical strikes for consistent damage
  • Gear-dependent for optimal performance
  • Complexity in managing cooldowns and maintaining Combustion uptime

Enhancement Shaman

These Shamans are a perfect mix of melee prowess and elemental magic. They strike swiftly and relentlessly, inflicting both physical and magical damage upon their foes. Enhancement Shamans have a wide range of abilities that allow them to adapt to different situations. They can unleash furious attacks with Lava Lash, Stormstrike, and Crash Lightning, dealing substantial damage to their targets.

What Enhancement Shamans have excelled at is sustained solo target damage. However, they also possess respectable AoE skills, particularly with abilities like Chain Lightning and Fire Nova. This versatility enables them to contribute effectively in both solo and multi-target fights.


  • Strong melee damage output
  • Versatile playstyle with both burst and sustained damage
  • Can provide valuable raid utility through totems like Windfury Totem and Bloodlust/Heroism
  • Synergizes well with other melee classes for increased damage


  • Can be heavily reliant on weapon damage and procs
  • Limited AoE scaling potential past 6 targets
  • Can have resource management challenges with the Maelstrom generation
  • Requires careful management of cooldowns for optimal performance

Subtlety Rogue

When it comes to DPS, Subtlety Rogues prove to be nimble assassins capable of dealing devastating burst damage. Shadow Dance is a primary feature that grants them increased damage and additional use of their signature abilities such as Shadow Strike and Eviscerate for a short duration. Stealth Rogues excel at backstabbing their targets, dealing increased damage from behind, combined with their burst damage potential, making Stealth Rogues a formidable force in both PvE and PvP.


  • High single-target burst damage potential
  • Excellent sustained damage over extended encounters
  • Versatile utility with abilities like Tricks of the Trade and Shroud of Concealment(In Mythic+ dungeons, this particular capability holds immense power, enabling you to effortlessly bypass inefficient packs)
  • Able to provide group utility through Smoke Bomb and Cloak of Shadows
  • Can benefit from strong burst windows with Shadow Dance and Symbols of Death


  • Relatively complex rotation and priority system
  • Less effective in AoE situations compared to some other classes
  • Requires precise timing and execution to maximize damage potential

Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladins are known for their consistent damage output and durable nature. The core of a Retribution Paladin’s gameplay revolves around the management of Holy Power, a resource that is generated through their abilities and spent on more potent attacks. Retribution Paladins possess a versatile toolkit that enables them to excel in both single-target and multi-target encounters. 

They come with different powers, such as Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm, which unleash swift and mighty strikes upon their adversaries. Retribution Paladins also have access to powerful cooldowns, such as Avenging Wrath, which further amplify their damage output or provide protection in dire situations. These abilities allow them to unleash devastating bursts of damage.


  • Strong single-target burst damage potential
  • Solid sustained damage output over extended encounters
  • Good self-sustain through self-healing abilities like Word of Glory with talent Guided Prayer and Flash of Light
  • Excellent survivability with strong defensive cooldowns like Lay on Hands and Divine Shield
  • Can bring utility through abilities like Hand of Protection and Blessing of Sacrifice
  • Versatile toolkit with options for AoE damage and cleave
  • Synergizes well with other melee classes for increased damage output


  • Relatively limited mobility compared to some other melee classes
  • Can have resource management challenges with Holy Power generation and spending
  • Requires proper timing and management of cooldowns for optimal performance

Choose Your Best DPS Character

With the addition of new tier sets, gear, and balance changes in Patch 10.1, the DPS landscape in Dragonflight has undergone significant shifts. Some classes have gained powerful tools or had underperforming aspects addressed, while others have experienced adjustments that impact their viability. So study the strengths and weaknesses of each class and choose wisely. It’s time to top the DPS chart!

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