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Weedsport CSD invites public to share mascot ideas

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In response to an April ruling by the Board of Regents banning Native American themed names and imagery at schools, the Weedsport Central School District is inviting the public to help select a new mascot.

The district has narrowed down the options to eight finalists, with potential replacements for the Weedsport Warriors including the Centurions, Gators, Green Storm, Hawks, Shamrocks (Rocks), Snapping Turtles, Waves, and Woodchucks.

The district is welcoming public opinion on these choices through an initiative designed to engage the community in the selection process. More information regarding the criteria for mascot selection and methods for submitting feedback can be accessed on the district’s website.

The period for submitting input is open until July 7th, providing community members with the opportunity to influence the district’s decision and contribute to a new chapter in Weedsport Central School District’s identity.