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From the Packers to the Jets: An Analysis of Aaron Rodgers

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If you study the NFL odds, you may find they could change for the New York Jets. The shock trade of Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets will have a major impact on the team’s fortunes when the new NFL season gets under way.

As part of the trade, the Jets receive the Packers’ 2023 first round pick (no 15) and a fifth round pick (no 170). In return, the Packers will receive the Jets’ first round pick (no 13), a 2023 second round pick (no 40) and a 2023 sixth round pick (207). If Rodgers plays 65% of the plays this season, the Packers will also receive a 2024 second round pick. NFL fans will be eager to see Rodgers don the Jets shirt, and the sports world will be interested to see what happens next when he starts playing for the side. Below is a look at Rodgers’ performance and what he could bring to the team.

What Rodgers brings to the Jets

Even before the former Packers quarterback joined the team, the Jets already had a strong defense. The incorporation of Rodgers into the side makes them a highly realistic Super Bowl contender.

The deal will definitely have been worth it if the Jets make it to the Super Bowl, or even if Rodgers leads them to a division title and the AFC championship game. People are more likely to remember what the Packers lost, if Rodgers performs well, whereas if he doesn’t live up to expectations, the level of compensation the Packers received will stick in their memories more. Some commentators have already mentioned how Rodgers might only have this season left in him, which would then be a bum deal for the Jets.

What no one can dispute is that the Jets have acquired one of the very best players in the most difficult position on the gridiron. Whereas some quarterbacks rely more on their arm strength, Rodger’s accuracy is part of what makes him such a fine quarterback. He’s athletic, and he’s as tough as they come mentally, but he also displays the physical toughness the role demands.

Stats and best performances

Rodgers didn’t have the season he would have liked in 2022. He played 17 games for the Packers, attempted 542 passes and completed 350 of them. He threw for 3695 yards and 26 were touchdown passes. Unfortunately, he threw 12 interceptions and fumbled the ball eight times.

It’s a season he won’t remember as fondly as others in which his stats have been much better. The 2020 season is one that will stay with him more fondly. He threw for 4,299 yards, with 48 touchdown passes and five interceptions. The following year, he posted 4,115 yards, 37 touchdowns and four interceptions. Both years he won the NFL MVP award.

Memorable performances

Rodgers has put in some massive performances for the Packers. In 2021, against the Chicago Bears, Rodgers had a big game, completing the majority of his passes and reminding the team why they should still fear him. The Green Bay side won 35-16 on the Bears’ home turf.

The Cleveland Browns are another side that will want to forget a particular encounter with the Packers. In 2009, also in their home stadium, the side were on the wrong end of a 31-3 demolition. Rodgers was in ruthless form, with throws that included a 45-yard touchdown to Spencer Havener and a 71-yard one to Donald Driver.

The Seattle Seahawks are another team that Rodgers gave a tough time, back in December 2016. The Packers crushed Seattle 38-10 after Rodgers had opened the game with a 66-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams, giving the Seahawks a taste of the fate that lay ahead for them in the game.

The greatest quarterback of all time?

When it comes to the question of who the greatest quarterback of all time is, some people plump firmly with Tom Brady, others with Aaron Rodgers. In an article posted on the website of Sports Illustrated, 11 analysts had rated the best quarterbacks in twelve different categories. Rodgers came out on top on three: decision-making with the ball, accuracy and, in joint first place with Brady, touch. In scrambling ability and designed-run ability, he didn’t make it into the top 100, which is hardly surprising because he’s in his late thirties.

Aaron Rodgers has been a major force for the Green Bay Packers, but in the 2023 season he’ll be serving the New York Jets. Both fans and the media will be eager to see how well he performs for his new employer and if the trade the two teams made was worth it for the Jets.

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