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DEC gives tips to manage increased wildlife as summer arrives in New York

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With the onset of warm weather, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has released guidelines to help residents manage the increased presence of wildlife.

The department’s primary advice is the removal of all potential food sources, such as pet food and bird feeders. In addition, homeowners are advised to promptly secure garbage, only leaving it out on designated trash pick-up days. The DEC also recommends recycling and removing piles of junk which may attract wildlife seeking shelter.

Further suggestions include storing logs and firewood away from residences to prevent them from becoming habitats for small creatures. The DEC also emphasizes clearing areas of brush and tall grass around buildings and fencing off spaces such as gardens and under-decks. To prevent wildlife from entering homes, residents are advised to seal any potential entry holes and consider installing chimney covers and soffit vents.

In case of persistent problems, residents can contact a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator or use visual repellents and noise deterrents within local regulations. The DEC’s website provides detailed information on the steps required for removing different types of animals.

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