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Auburn native sentenced in LA fed court for making interstate threats

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Kiernan Major, an Auburn native, was sentenced to three years in prison followed by three years of post-release supervision by a federal court in Los Angeles.

Major, who pleaded guilty last month to two counts of making threats via interstate communication, was involved in a case where he tricked two women into giving him tens of thousands of dollars and later issued threats of physical harm against them and their families. These charges carry a potential five-year prison term and fines up to $250,000.

The case reveals Major convinced the women to make substantial purchases for him, falsely claiming that his clandestine work in the intelligence industry barred him from conducting the transactions himself. When the women tried to cease communication, Major threatened to kill them and their family members.

Arrested in Iowa, Major was later indicted on federal stalking charges. In addition to the prison term, the sentence includes mandatory mental health and substance abuse counseling and stringent restrictions on his use of digital devices and the internet. The judge waived fines due to Major’s inability to pay but ordered him to make restitution to his victims, the amount of which will be determined in an August hearing.