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Maryland teen drowns in Keuka Lake

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a drowning in Keuka Lake.

The investigation revealed that on May 12 around 1:45 p.m. a 19-year-old male drowned in Keuka Lake. The victim was identified as Ahmed Ayaz.

A family from Maryland was on vacation in the town of Urbana, when the 19-year-old jumped off a boat to swim in the lake. The 19-year-old was unable to get back to the boat, went underwater, and was not able to get back to the surface.

The Steuben County Mobile Crisis Team responded to the scene and provided treatment and counseling to the family, as well as witnesses. Several departments were able to locate the person after a 10 hour search.

Sheriff Allard thanked all responding agencies for their cooperation and service in the incident. “Our hearts go out to the Ayaz family and our thoughts and prayers are for their recovery from this tragedy,” he said in a statement.