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3 Reasons Why Rain Lovers Are Happier and Smarter Than Others

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We know the importance of water and how it nourishes our life. It surrounded the world when God created the earth, as 70% of the ground is covered with water. It even surrounds the fetus when it develops in the mother’s womb. Plants use water to make food through the process of photosynthesis. So we all pray that the divine brings the rain to nourish our crops and fill our land reservoir. 

For some of us, the rain is the most irritating thing, especially when we have to go outdoors or work outside on the road, or it might be for those who have to cancel their plans just because of heavy rain. While for some people, rain is a blessing to perch up on their window panes to observe the rain and play their favorite games on fast payout casinos. One research shows that rain lovers are the happiest because of many perks, as they don’t need to wait for the sun and can complete the task even in heavy rain.

Here are the three reasons rain lovers are happier and smarter than you. 

Feel They’re Feeling More Better

Rain lovers are usually sensitive and can interpret moods and feelings better than non-rain lovers. For example, if someone is sad and observes raindrops falling on the ground, he starts to feel the sadness even more clearly because, at that time, he is closer to his feelings, and they will begin to understand why it is so.

They have a great experience expressing their feelings better than others. Even though they will explain to you deeply the meaning of rain, the sound of drops when it falls on the ground. They can enjoy the smell of the sand during the rainy season and tell you the sensation they feel when the rain touches their skin. That’s why rain lovers always look at the sky and welcome the cold drops coming from the clouds. 

Enjoy Their Life Better 

One researcher stated that the people who love the rain are happier than those who don’t. The exact reason is not yet defined, but there is an assumption that this is because they even know how to enjoy the darker side of the cloud and complete their work and task in the rain. Nothing matters to them; they are more determined and focused than others. 

They don’t worry about what will happen tomorrow and don’t get upset by past experiences; they enjoy the present at its peak. A recent study reveals that cloud huggers are more satisfied with their life than sun worshippers. 

See The Beauty In Misery

Rain lovers know how to find beauty in misery. They see the silver lining in every cloud, and even when things are running well, they know that everything will be fine super soon. They know there is nothing permanent in this world, and there is an end to every storm, and most of the time, there will be a happy ending. 

They know how to deal with their emotions and don’t let their days, weeks, and months be ruined. Instead of focusing on the negative things happening in their lives, they try to find the positive ones. A simple life example is that when they lose their money on the new online casinos for Canadians, they get motivated to be more careful and  try new strategies in the next round rather than getting angry. 


For some of us, rain is just an aggravating factor that disturbs our lives, but most people, especially rain lovers, believe that rain changes the perspective of life if people notice.

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