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Price of eggs coming down slightly as Easter approaches

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As egg prices continue to surge across the US, there is some relief for consumers in New York. According to the USDA, prices have dropped by an average of 10 cents per dozen in the state, and demand is now moderate.

Avian flu has impacted over 58.6 million poultry in 47 states, including New York, and has contributed to the high prices and inflation. The global supply of food for egg-laying hens went up exponentially about a year ago, but the supply of hens dropped due to the flu, causing higher egg prices.

Experts say grain and other feed prices increased due to the Ukraine war, which has contributed to the high egg prices.

Additionally, much like toilet paper during the pandemic, reports of high egg prices have caused people to stock up, causing a further decrease in supply.

Easter is approaching, which may lead to another surge in demand for eggs and higher prices. Hartt noted that allowing livestock to live a freer life could help slow or stop the spread of avian flu, which is critical to the health of the animal.