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IRS: What is Form 7004?

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April 18 is quickly approaching this tax season, and everyone need to file their taxes with the IRS by then.

irs tax form 7004

Many already have, but those who haven’t should know that if they don’t file in time they may face penalties and fines to the IRS. This will make the amount owed even bigger.

Form 7004 could help you get an extension with the IRS

If you’re looking for an extension on filing your taxes, you can file Form 7004 with the IRS. This gives you a six month extension for filing your taxes.

The Form is called the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns, according to Marca.

If you’re filing with the IRS for your business, the address should be the one used for the business. If it’s for an individual, then you should use the address for the individual.

You can file this form online or with a tax professional.

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