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Man who attacked Lee Zeldin at campaign event speaks publicly (video)

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The man accused of attacking Congressman Lee Zeldin at a campaign event in Perinton, David Jakubonis, spoke publicly about his alcohol addiction treatment during his federal court hearing on Wednesday. Jakubonis stated that he is grateful for the treatment he has received, which has helped him take the first steps towards recovery.

According to reports, Jakubonis, an army veteran, has finished his stay at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Bath and is now under house arrest at a local recovery home. The judge presiding over his case called Jakubonis’ progress a “positive report.”

Jakubonis is accused of pulling Zeldin to the ground by the arm during a campaign event for the race for governor in July. While Zeldin was not injured, Jakubonis was charged with criminal interference with the right to an election, which is a federal crime.

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During the hearing, Jakubonis did not apologize to Zeldin, and his lawyer stated that while Jakubonis regrets what happened, he cannot make any admissions of guilt while charges are pending. It remains unclear if Jakubonis will enter a plea deal, but his lawyer indicated that they might learn more by the end of March.

Overall, the hearing shed light on Jakubonis’ ongoing battle with alcohol addiction and his progress towards recovery. The case is being closely watched as it involves a federal crime and a prominent political figure.