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New York could force major lottery change: How would it work?

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New York State Gaming Commission regulators are considering new rules to limit the use of the word “play” in advertising by lottery courier services. The proposal is aimed at protecting consumers from “false, deceptive or misleading advertising,” but has faced pushback from the industry, according to a proposal outlined in the commission’s Monday meeting.

The regulation would broadly affect lottery courier services, licensed businesses that accept orders to buy New York lottery tickets for a customer. Such services have become more widely used in recent years, with the proliferation of smartphones and other devices making it easier to access lottery tickets.

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The proposed rules would limit how lottery courier services can advertise to prevent misleading marketing, but industry groups have raised concerns that the regulation could confuse consumers who rely on these services to purchase lottery tickets.

The industry’s main concerns are with the proposed regulation’s impact on how customers perceive the service. Brianne Doura, a consultant who previously worked for the National Council of Problem Gambling, wrote in a letter that changing the terminology could lead to confusion for people using courier services to purchase lottery tickets.

The New York State Gaming Commission has been exploring ways to better protect consumers in the wake of the proliferation of gambling in the state, including the expansion of commercial casinos and the possibility of three new casino licenses for the New York City area. The new rules, which will be considered at the commission’s meeting on Monday, are aimed at better regulating the industry and providing more transparency in advertising.