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West Bloomfield home heavily damaged after fire on Monday

A house fire broke out on Monday morning in West Bloomfield, leaving significant damage to the structure and resulting in the total loss of an attached garage.

The West Bloomfield Fire Department was assisted on-scene by several neighboring fire departments, as well as Ontario County Emergency Services and the Sheriff’s Office. When firefighters arrived, they found heavy flames coming from the one-story attached garage and a two-story house.

The fire resulted in significant damage to the two-story residential house and total loss of the garage and its contents. The home was occupied by two adults at the time of discovery of the fire. One adult dog was rescued, but two cats remain missing. The American Red Cross responded to the scene to provide assistance to the occupants of the home.

The fire investigation is being conducted by the Ontario County Fire Coordinator.

The preliminary results of the investigation indicate that the fire originated within a vehicle in the garage and spread to the attached two-story house. The fire remains under investigation.

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