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FRESH TAKES: A Bittersweet Sports Weekend (podcast)

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In what many thought to be an unreal sports weekend, it quickly became one that they wish didn’t happen.’s Paul Russo and Nick Felice from the Finger Lakes Times discuss everything that occurred. The game on the field took a backseat Monday night when Bills Safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after tackling Tee Higgins. Paul and Nick talk about how they felt, how the teams handled the situation, what the next steps could be, and the latest on Hamlin’s condition. They also talk about the other storylines from the weekend and make their week 18 picks.

The College Football Playoff had its most exciting semifinals to date. TCU upset Michigan and Georgia survives a missed field by Ohio State at the stroke of midnight. Paul and Nick recap the games and offer an analysis of the championship to be played on Monday night.

With conference play in full swing, the guys wrap up the show looking at the college hoops scene. Paul and Nick debate whether the ACC is wide open, or rather a case of the talent pool becoming spread out. The guys also talk about which P5 conference has the upper hand out of the Big 10, Big 12, and SEC.

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