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New York gas prices are about to spike: How much will they increase?

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As the new year begins, drivers in New York state are bracing for the end of the fuel tax suspension, which was implemented by Governor Kathy Hochul on June 1st in an effort to provide relief for residents amid the surge in fuel prices.

The suspension offered a reduction of at least $0.16 per gallon on gasoline, state sales tax, and metropolitan commuter sales tax, but as of Saturday, December 31st, that reprieve has come to an end.

According to AAA Communications specialist Mark Gruba, the end of the suspension will be a significant burden for drivers. “It’s the worst news for drivers,” he said. “We’re going to be paying more at the pump. Regardless of the price of fuel to refine the fuel, we’re going to be seeing an increase in taxes, not just here in Monroe County but across New York state as well.”

While the gas tax imposed in June did result in a lower price at the pump, with drivers paying approximately $3.48 per gallon compared to $4.89 per gallon earlier in the year, the end of the suspension means that the cost of fuel is likely to rise again. To mitigate the impact on their wallets, Gruba suggests that drivers can save on fuel costs by mapping out their routes, avoiding travel during peak times, checking tire pressure, and removing bulky items from their vehicles. These measures can improve fuel efficiency and help drivers stretch their gas dollars a little further.

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