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Everything You Should Know About Choosing A Casket

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Caskets are a universal symbol of traditional funeral rites. Most people imagine what is known as a casket when they think of a funeral service. This is because a casket is typically used at American funerals.

When someone dies, their remains are kept in caskets for the funeral, wake, visitation, and final disposition. Caskets are undoubtedly one of the most substantial funeral expenditure factors.

There are several factors to consider while selecting a casket for yourself or a loved one. One crucial factor to consider is the size, in addition to components like material, design, and color. This article covers all the essential information regarding selecting the right casket. 

Different Casket Types

Although many other materials are used to make caskets, metal and wood are the most popular. In addition, they can be made from organic materials that are good for the environment, such as banana leaves, cork, and bamboo.

Metal caskets

Steel, bronze, or copper are frequently used to make metal caskets. Caskets made of bronze and copper are often more expensive because of their longevity and ability to resist rust.

Although less expensive and more straightforward to find, steel caskets are strong. Gauge, which refers to the steel’s thickness, is a common way to group them. Metal thickens with decreasing gauge (for instance, a 20-gauge steel casket is thinner and less expensive than a 16-gauge model).

Metal caskets can be painted in various ways to suit the customer’s preferences; some even have gilded accents. In addition, some metal caskets have a rubber gasket that encircles the top and bottom of the container. This ‘gasketing’ function, which keeps the outside elements from entering the casket, is frequently sold as a protective feature to keep the corpse of the deceased safe. 

Wood Caskets

Solid hardwood or veneer wood of the highest quality is typically used to construct wood caskets. Leading casket providers such as Sky Caskets use various wood species, including mahogany, walnut, oak, maple, poplar, and more. 

All wood caskets are available in various finishes, including high gloss polish, satin, and cloth-covered variants. Some households favor a simple pine box with a clear natural finish sans stains or paint. Hardwood caskets are often more expensive than softwood models.

Cremation Caskets

Before being placed in the cremation chamber, the deceased’s remains are kept in cremation caskets. Wood, wicker, particleboard, and cardboard are some of the natural materials that can be used to make cremation caskets. 

As long as it is robust, combustible, leak-proof, non-toxic, and lacking metal components, families can choose any type of casket for the cremation procedure.

Features Of Caskets

Almost all caskets come equipped with various attractive and valuable components that can be mounted both interior and outside, depending on personal tastes.

Interior Linings

The fabric sewn into the inside of the box makes up the casket lining. Polyester makes up the majority of linings; however, satin, silk, and velvet are also widely used. Panels that are specific to the deceased’s personality might be added to the interior linings (e.g., sports teams, music taste, etc.)

Casket Lids 

Half-couch and full-couch casket lids are the two varieties available. The upper body of the deceased can be seen during a viewing or visitation thanks to half couch lids made of two pieces. In the case of an open-casket funeral, the entire body can be seen thanks to a full sofa lid.

Shell Design

For a truly one-of-a-kind design, Shell Design Casket exteriors can be covered in high-quality photographs or sculpted into distinctive forms that honor the deceased’s life.

Memory Tube

Some caskets have a lid section that is leak-proof and holds a place for identification. If the casket is ever de-entombed, the memory tube is incredibly helpful in identifying the remains without having to lift the lid again.

Exterior Features

Handles, individualized “corners” for caskets, decorative medallions, and other items fall under this category.

Where Can One Buy a Casket?

Since the Funeral Rule expressly requires that funeral homes accept a casket acquired from a third party, caskets may be purchased outside of the funeral home. With their extensive selection of caskets in various forms and materials, online casket firms like Sky Caskets can come to your aid. 

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