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Public transportation in Upstate New York needs funding

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Right now the transportation industry in Upstate New York is struggling to bounce back after COVID and people rely heavily on it within their communities.

As more people start riding public transportation again, the businesses in the industry are in greater need of more frequency and funding options.

When COVID hit, the amount of people using public transportation dramatically dropped. Not only did people want to not catch the virus, but businesses closed down, so people did not need to travel to work.

Now that COVID restrictions are being lifted, the number of riders on public transport is rising back to the levels it was before the pandemic.

Now, as the industry tries to play catch up for the ridership they lost during the pandemic, they’re seeking funding for other types of transportation. This includes scooters, bikes, and other types of transport that they want to provide while also covering operating costs.

COVID relief was helping to cover the gap, but as those funds disappear they are still left with a gap.

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