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Parents of stillborn babies fight for equal PTO as newborn parents

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Parents in the state of New York that give birth to stillborn babies are fighting to have the same paid time off as parents who give birth to newborns.

Parents get 12 weeks of paid time off from work under the state’s paid family leave to recover and care for their child. Stillbirth parents aren’t afforded the same opportunity and they want to see a change.

According to MPN Now, parents suffering after a stillbirth feel unseen as they grapple with grief and challenges. According to Samantha Banerjee, executive director of PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy, it’s viewed as irresponsible to expect parents to return to work after suffering the loss of their pregnancy.

The group is now seeking the support of the governor to help include parents grieving the loss of a child. Parents describe the pain and grief they suffer with after finding out their child died just weeks or days before being born. Mothers are forced to still deliver their babies knowing they’re no longer alive.

A stillborn is defined as a delivery where the baby has died between 20 weeks and full term. Before the 20 week mark a lost pregnancy is considered a miscarriage.

Advocates have expressed feeling heard by Governor Kathy Hochul, who they’re calling on for support when it comes to including stillborn parents in PTO.

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