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Kratom Black Friday 2022- Best Deals up to 50% OFF ($44/kg)

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Kratom Black Friday 2022 is finally upon us. The offers and discounts are already active. So, if you want to stock up on your favorite strains of Kratom this holiday season, there is no better time than Kratom Black Friday. Considered the busiest sales and shopping day of the year, Kratom Black Friday delivers the best Kratom deals you’ve seen all year on all strains of Kratom powder, capsules, and tinctures. So, if you are looking to save money on Kratom this holiday season, there is no compelling reason for you to miss this incredible Kratom Black Friday offer from Nova Kratom. And here’s why:
  • You get to enjoy a maximum discount of 50% off
  • You pay as low as $44/Kg for your favorite strain
  • You enjoy FREE SHIPPING – Next Day Delivery
That said, here is an overview of Nova Kratom and why you shouldn’t miss their black Friday Kratom deals this year.

Nova Kratom ( – “BF50” COUPON CODE for 50% off on kratom for Black Friday – $44/kg (normally $88) until 5 Dec

Nova Kratom is an Oregon-based, small-batch Kratom vendor whose reputation has grown exponentially since its inception a few years ago. Like most trusted online Kratom vendors, Nova Kratom boasts tons of great customer reviews and an even more extensive list of satisfied customers. But why is Nova winning the hearts of both new and seasoned Kratom users despite not being around for long?

Premium Kratom Quality

Well, first things first. Nova Kratom is all about quality Kratom. Like most reliable vendors, this vendor has cut a niche for itself, thanks to its premium-quality Kratom. Firstly, Nova Kratom sources its Kratom ethically from experienced farmers in Indonesia under fair trade policies. Also, being a small-batch vendor, the company is able to meticulously inspect every batch of Kratom they receive for potency, purity, and quality. This involves lab testing it for pathogens, heavy metals, and pesticides as well as the concentration of alkaloids to warrant that it exceeds the quality standards. This ensures that customers only receive top-shelf Kratom whenever they order. That notwithstanding, their products are 100% natural, fresh, and Vegan-friendly.

Product Range and Form

For a small-batch vendor, you’d expect just a few strains in their inventory. Interestingly, Nova has one of the widest assortments of Kratom strains in the market. The vendor stocks nearly every known Kratom strain on the planet in powder or capsule form. So, if you want classic strains like Red Bali or potent strains like Yellow Gold Kratom, they’ve got you all covered. What’s more, their minimalist design website is professionally designed and very easy to navigate. This makes it a delight to navigate when looking for your favorite strain.

Free Samples

Interestingly, Nova Kratom offers free samples to everyone willing to test the quality of their product. This is a great incentive for kratom users who are weary of this vendor’s products before committing their hard-earned cash. You can request free samples of premium-quality and lab tested: Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, and White Borneo Kratom powder (50 grams each).


Even without the Kratom Black Friday deals, this vendor has, hands down, some of the best and most competitive prices in the market.  At just $28 for 250 grams, you get to enjoy a fully blown Kratom experience. That’s not all. The vendor also offers a 20% discount on all orders when you use the coupon code:  NOVAKRATOM20. So you can still save some bucks even after the Kratom Black Friday season is over.

Shipping and Refund Policy

Even though the vendor’s prices are a big selling point, it doesn’t stop there. The vendor offers Free Same-Day Shipping and Next-Day Delivery for orders above $39.99 so you don’t have to go on a dry spell waiting for your favorite strain to arrive. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is also part of Nova Kratom’s commitment to its customers. For this reason, they offer a 30-day return policy for both unopened and opened products. Kratom Black Friday 2022 50 off

Final Word

With Kratom Black Friday finally upon us, it’s that time to fill up your cart with incredible Kratom bargains, and share the excitement with friends and family. But not all vendors will have impressive deals like Nova Kratom. So make sure you don’t miss out on their offers this Black Friday and you could get more for your money.
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