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Great Northern Mall clears out as stores start to close

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This is the last week the Great Northern Mall will remain open to the public.

The doors will permanently close on Sunday, November 20. Tenants were given the closure date last month, and were told they needed to have their stores cleared out by the end of this weekend. It appeared that they might have been able to receive more time, but letters were given to renters informing them they would need to be out on time. All merchandise and equipment must be vacated from the locations in time according to Local Syracuse.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

In a previous report, the tenants said they would be out on time even if they were granted more time because they did not trust the current owner to allow them back into the building. The pending owner had even been willing to work with the current owner on giving people more time to leave the mall.

Guy Hart is set to be the next owner of the property, and there are major plans to demolish the mall in order to build a more modern shopping complex. When this work will begin is not currently known. It will include high end retail, grocery stores, a movie theater, and other amenities.