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Cost of gas drops nationally; rises in New York

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The average cost of gas has dropped nationally, but in New York State it has increased.

AAA reports that the average price for gas in the city of Syracuse on Monday morning was $3.81 per gallon. One week ago it was three cents less. Nationally, the average was $3.77 per gallon, which is down three cents from one week ago. The overall average for the entire state of New York is currently $3.90, up three cents since last week.

The following averages can be found throughout the state for Monday, November 14, 2022

  • Batavia: $3.78, no change
  • Buffalo: $3.78, no change
  • Elmira: $3.77, no change
  • Ithaca: $3.80, one cent less than last week
  • Rochester: $3.82, no change
  • Rome: $3.91, two cents more than last week
  • Syracuse: $3.81, three cents more than last week
  • Watertown: $3.95, five cents more than last week

On a national level, gas prices have seen a decrease because there was a slight decrease for the cost of oil, according to CNY Central. While costs remain lower on the West Coast, the same can’t be said for all of New York. Western New York has no change in the average cost per gallon, but Central New York has increased.

Today, oil prices were between $89 and $96 per barrel, which is an increase from the $91 to $98 they were one week ago.