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Delphi Murders: Richard Allen’s photo shown after alleged arrest relating to the deaths of two young teens

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A picture of Richard Allen, who was allegedly arrested in relation to the murders of two young teens, known as the Delphi Murders, has been released.

murder suspect richard allen was arrested in relation to the murder of two young teens in Delphi

The murders happened in 2017. Abby Williams was only 13 years old and Libby German was just 14.

The two young teens were found dead on a hiking trail in February of 2017 in Delphi, Indiana.

The murders of two young teens in Delphi

Abby Williams and Libby German were two eighth grade friends that went hiking on February 13, 2017.

After they went missing near the Monon High Bridge, their bodies were found the next day near Deer Creek. This was a quarter mile away from the bridge.

The ways the teens died has never been revealed by police. Very little has been revealed, except for a few details.

Police shared that the bodies of the girls were posed, and the suspect took trophies from each victim.

There have been two sketches released of what the killer may have looked like in the years since the murder.

The current updates come after state police searched the Wabash River in Peru, Indiana near the home of a suspect in the murders, according to The Sun.

The teens left clues from the murders

After the murders, police shared audio of a man’s voice from Libby’s phone saying “down the hill.”

She was referred to as a hero for taking the video to help in the investigation.

She had recorded a video, from which the audio came from, coming toward them on the trail.

The man arrested in relation to the Delphi murders

The image of Richard Allen was shared by Fox 59, which reported that he was taken into custody on Friday at the Carroll County Jail.

Different sources have told The Sun that an arrest was made in relation to the case but information wouldn’t be shared until Monday during a press conference.

Cops also said a suspect had been identified, but did not share if it was Allen.

Allen works at a CVS near Delphi, and employees working with him were reportedly surprised. Many are hoping it’s a mistake and is not him.

They also hope if it is there is solid proof and an end to the mystery of who murdered two young girls.

A neighbor of Allen’s said they witnessed police digging up a fire pit in his backyard.

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