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School shooter in Michigan pleads guilty to killing 4 students

School shooter Ethan Crumbley, 16, pleaded guilty to killing 4 students at a Michigan high school last November.

school shooter pleads guilty to killing students

The charges are first degree murder for the 4 students he killed. He may also be called to testify against his parents.

Both of Crumbley’s parents are in jail on manslaughter charges for their role in the death of the 4 students.

Crumbley faces 24 charges in all and pleaded guilty to his crimes that took place at Oxford High School in Michigan.

Victims’ families were present during the hearing.

Prosecutor’s claim that no deals had been made before entering the plea on Monday.

What could happen to the school shooter guilty of killing 4 students?

According to WENY News, in Michigan a first degree murder charge is automatic life in prison. For teenagers, their lawyers can hold a hearing and argue for a shorter sentence and possibility of parole.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald stated there are no other cases were a mass shooter was convicted on terrorism on state charges.

Crumbley had originally pleaded with an insanity defense, but withdrew it. When questioned by the judge he said he understood the consequences.

What’s happening with his parents?

The shooter’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, are in jail. Their charges are for involuntary manslaughter.

They made the gun accessible to their son and ignored his mental health issues. There is currently a no contact order between Ethan and his parents.

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