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Fentanyl seized at Los Angeles airport disguised as candy

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12,000 fentanyl pills were seized at the Los Angeles airport packaged as candy on Wednesday.

Fentanyl packaged like candy seized at los angeles airport

L.A. County narcotics detectives with DEA agents responded to the TSA screening around 7:30 a.m. when someone tried going through with the candy and other snacks.

The candy wasn’t really candy, but pills packaged in Sweetarts, Skittles, and Whoppers boxes.

The person responsible for bringing them through the airport fled but has been identified.

Fentanyl has been being manufactured to look like candy lately

Drug dealers have been packaging fentanyl as candy and making them rainbow colors as a way to try to disguise them from authorities and searches.

It’s easy to confuse the pills with candy, according to My Twin Tiers.

Halloween is around the corner, so it’s important to check your children’s candy before the consume it.

While parents are concerned over the drug looking like candy, experts weigh in and share that the chances of trick-or-treaters getting it are slim.

A sociology professor with the University of Delaware has been studying this exact topic for decades.

Joel Best shared that there has been no evidence that any child has ever been injured or killed from a contaminated treat like this while trick or treating.

One example where this is untrue was a child who ate a cyanide laced Pixie Stix.

The difference is that the child did not get the candy from a stranger. Their own father was arrested and charged with murder.

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