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A Christmas Story: HBO’s sequel will bring Ralphie back

A Christmas Story is a smash hit movie that came out in 1983, and it garnered a lot of fans, but now there will be a sequel on HBO Max.

a christmas story christmas sequel will come to hbo max

Many families have even started a tradition of watching the movie, every single Christmas, since its release.

According to WENY News, Monday was the first day a teaser for the sequel called “A Christmas Story Christmas.”

What is A Christmas Story Christmas about and will we see Ralphie?

The movie will follow the life of Ralphie Parker, who was the little blond boy with glasses in the original movie.

In the sequel he will be fully grown and actor Peter Billingsley will return to play him.

The preview shows Cleveland Street covered in snow and the Parker house, with the infamous leg lamp shade sitting it what appears to be an attic.

The end shows Ralphie up close and personal, putting his glasses on and smiling at the camera.

The movie will premiere on HBO Max on November 17, 2022.

Ian Petrella will return to play Randy, and Zack Ward will be back to play Scut Farkus.

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