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Elementary school swatted; false shooter reported

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An elementary school in Utica, New York was swatted on Thursday, which is when a false shooter is reported.

gun that could be used to report a false shooter when someone is swatted like an elementary school

The elementary school involved is Jones Elementary School.

Utica police responded to an active shooter threat and determined it was not real, according to

It is believed the school was the target of a hoax and swatted, meaning a false report of a shooter was made

After investigating, police believe that the school was swatted. This means that it was a hoax and someone falsely reported the shooter threat.

The shooter was reported to be at the school at 12:20 p.m.m according to Utica police.

When the report was made, students and staff locked themselves into their classrooms.

This is not the first hoax made; the police shared that several calls which led to places being swatted have been made.

Police are working to find a suspect and determine if the calls are connected to the same person.

If you have any information, call 315-223-3510.

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