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Formula shortage is better but people are still unable to find it

The baby formula shortage in the U.S. is getting better, but despite the stock rising people are still unable to find formula.

baby formula shortage better but people still unable to find it

According to WENY News, 18% of powdered formula was out of stock in October.

That’s an improvement from the 31% that was out of stock in July.

Though it’s getting better, it’s still worse than it was before the shortage happened.

What’s happening with the formula shortage now?

One third of households that have a baby under the age one one have said they had trouble finding formula for a span of a week last month.

Over 40% said they only had one week’s worth of formula at home.

The recall that hit the United States really made it hard for families with babies to find formula for sale.

As families continue to stock up out of fear of running out again, it skews sales data.

Families are finding themselves with formula at home, but still buying it if they see it.

Oftentimes there is very little left on the shelves, so families grab what they see to avoid running out.

The baby formula shortages are now considered “spot” shortages

The shortages people are experiencing are more specific.

It’s often families who can’t substitute one formula brand for another or those who need specialty formulas.

With gas prices increasing and formula options remaining incredibly limited, getting formula at all is becoming more challenging.

Others may also have a challenge with getting formula not because it’s not on the shelves, but because they don’t have access to transportation.

In rural areas some people may need to drive as far as 50 miles for formula.

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