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Hundreds of people hope to make an impression at a cannabis job fair (video)

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  • Rebecca Swift 

Job seekers from Rochester and the Finger Lakes area are here up to make a good impression at a New York State cannabis job fair. 

They’re looking for jobs in the adult-use, medical cannabis, and cannabinoid hemp industries, now that some businesses have obtained their licenses.

Job seekers line up outside of Rochester Works!, hoping for a career in the cannabis industry (video)

“Cannabis for the state of New York is going to be the new Kodak,” says Markeba Williams of Rochester. “It’s going to be the new thing that’s going to employ so many people. It’s just the beginning.  This is just like the cutting edge.  The cusp.  It’s going to grow so vastly and so quickly so I’m happy to be a part.”

Others are happy even to wait in line, outside the Rochester Works! Facility on Waring Road.

Cannabis job fair the first the first of its kind in our area

This event is the first of its kind here, where local cannabis businesses like Empire Help Co, Glenna’s CBD Best Oil, Flower City Hydroponics/Dispensary, and Honest Pharm Company, got to meet potential employees.

“It’s been a really good turnout, better than I expected,” says Jeremy Jiminez, CEO of Newark-based Honest Pharm Co. “Looking forward to all the new people who want to get into the industry. Cannabis cultivators, trimmers, sales people who want to sell to dispensaries.  So we have all walks of life in here and people that want to be in the industry, it’s just really awesome.”

“We couldn’t believe it,” says Shelly Wolanske with Empire Hemp Co. “We didn’t know what this was going to be like.  We’re from Batavia and we came to Rochester and we’ve gotten such great feedback. When they opened the doors we were like oh my gosh, all these people came running over.  We have people from quality control, we have people for trimmers, administrative.  So I’m really excited about that.”

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Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Resumes collected for dozens of new jobs

It’s a networking opportunity many here say they’re thankful to have.

Because dozens of jobs are available, including for armed guards, managers, sales professionals, advertisers and growers.

“I’m just looking at what we got in terms of new cannabis cultivation in Rochester,” says Jamarr Miller of Penfield. “I do a little bit at home, now that it’s legal.  I just want to see if I can hone my skills with someone legit.  That’s really it.”

“Administration would be great,” says Williams. “But if that’s not available, I’ll be a cultivator, I’ll be a grower, I’ll work in a lab.”

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

NYS Department of Labor’s CEED team plans event

The New York State Department of Labor’s Cannabis Employment, Education and Development team says they have been working to make events like this happen.

And moving forward, many job-seekers are hoping to get a call for an interview, to start a new career and new chapter of their lives.

“I’ve known some of the people because you know, Rochester’s kind of small,” says Williams. “So when there is a cannabis event, I’ve seen a lot of the owners.  Now they’re at the cusp of hiring and I’m at the cusp of wanting to be hired, it’s so exciting.”

“I showed some of the guys some of the work that I did and they were very impressed,” says Miller.” I think I made one good connection where I might get a job.>

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