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RG&E penalized $900K for billing issues: What should you do if yours is wrong?

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RG&E is being penalized $900,000 for missing its bill service quality metric.

After countless examples of customers having major billing issues with the energy provider- they have been punished.

However, not all customers are satisfied as many bills remain plagued with issues.

The state Public Service Commission said they take service quality and billing seriously.

“In the PSC’s most recent service quality report, RG&E was penalized $900,000 for missing its bill service quality metric. Department of Public Service staff is actively investigating/scrutinizing service quality in RG&E’s ongoing rate case and will provide recommendations to the Commission on areas of improvement. Ensuring that customer bills are sent out timely and accurately is the singular responsibility of the utility, and the Department will hold RG&E accountable for any billing errors while ensuring customers are held harmless,” a spokesperson for the PSC told News10NBC.

Trish Nilsen, RG&E’s president, said it comes down to obtaining actual reads of meters.

“The company is measured on a number of factors and one of them is our ability to obtain actually reads and have bills based on actual reads,” she told News10NBC. “As we discussed in our previous conversation, we had challenges with COVID, with staffing and with the number, more than 40% of meters being inside. RG&E, we made the choice, working with the Commission and working with our customers and communities not to go into homes (during the pandemic). We’ve asked the Public Service Commission to consider that as they go through the process and we’ll see where that ends up.”

She then went on to deny that there are too many issues with billing.

“I’m not seeing that there are so many issues and that bills would be that incorrect,” she continued. “Going to be based on an actual read and then we’re going to have manual calculations looking at those when the customer reaches out to us. We encourage customers if you reach out to us and you’re still not satisfied ask to speak to our appeals team.”

So, what does that mean if you have an incorrect bill?

Keep calling RG&E. The state hasn’t yet set up a portal for customers to work out issues the company is ignoring.

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