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Sustainable choices: 3 products you won’t have to buy anymore by switching to the reusable version

Swapping out some single-use household products for reusable ones save you money and it is also good for the environment.

sustainable home products

An eco-expert shared three things they no longer buy after switching to the reusable version.

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What items should I swap?

Green City Living Co. is a company dedicated to helping people make the switch to eco-friendly products. The company is known on TikTok as @greencityliving, and they first shared why you should stop buying paper towels, and instead use a reusable version. The company offers a paperless towels which are washable. These towels can still be placed together and used like a regular roll of paper towels.

Another thing you can swap is plastic brushes. Instead, they recommend buying brushes with replaceable heads. Lastly, the company suggests getting rid of single-use plastic straws. Instead, bamboo straws are a viable replacement.

Since the video was posted it has gotten more than 1.3 million views. Green City Living Co sells many of the eco-friendly products on their website. They also offer other alternatives for people that are looking to make changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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