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‘THE TIME IS RIGHT’: Ginny Ryan, Doug Emblidge announce they’re leaving 13WHAM this fall

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  • Josh Durso 

It’s time to take on something new.

That was the takeaway from longtime local broadcast news anchors Ginny Ryan and Doug Emblidge, who announced they would be retiring in the coming weeks.

The Rochester natives are already members of the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame and have anchored 13WHAM News at 5 p.m. since 1990.

Credit: 13WHAM-TV

Rochester’s longest running anchor duo shared the news in a lengthy statement echoed by 13WHAM.

“It’s long been true about broadcast news … change comes with the territory. Seeing hundreds of people come and go through local newsrooms over our careers makes us realize how lucky we’ve been to work at one TV station for most of four decades, in the community where we were born and raised,” they said. “It’s with mixed emotions that we share our plans to leave the TV news world. And while we are announcing this together, the timing of our departures is not part of any grand plan. It is coincidence – related to the end dates of our individual contracts with the station.”

The thought of a career pivot began last year. Ryan and Emblidge shared with viewers that they began discussing career changes with family, friends, and each other. “We began discussions with management early this year to let them know of our plans,” their statement continued. “Simply put … the time is right.”

The two won’t be retiring completely. Both have decided to take on new challenges in the community.

For Ryan, she will join Canandaigua National Bank as director of community engagement. “I will represent CNB in the community by continuing to build its positive relationships with the region’s businesses and community-based nonprofit organizations. I will also direct CNB’s external public and media relations and help lead the company’s brand efforts,” she said.

For Emblidge, he will join Alesco Advisors. It’s a Rochester-based investment advisory firm. “Alesco serves more than 100 nonprofit organizations, as well as numerous households and corporate retirement plans. I have come to know Alesco during my time as a board member of multiple nonprofit foundations and look forward to working on behalf of similar organizations that seek to thrive financially and continue their vital missions,” he said.

Ryan’s final broadcast will be on October 7. Emblidge anticipates his final broadcast will be around November 29.

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