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INSIDE THE FLX: Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason; zoning change tabled, redeveloping an apartment building, adding Patrol Officers in the schools (podcast)

In this episode, it’s our weekly City Council recap with Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason.

  • Tonight we have our final Music on the Mall downtown on State Street, 7-10 p.m. with the band Qwister
  • Tomorrow, Saturday, September 10 is Tomatofest in downtown Auburn.

September 8, 2022, Auburn City Council meeting recap:

  • Tabled Ordinance #2 of 2022 Amending Chapter 305 of the City of Auburn Code Entitled “Zoning”

All the following resolutions passed unanimously:

  •  Council Resolution #95 of 2022 Supporting the Redevelopment of the Olympia Terrace Apartment Complex
  •  Agreement Resolution #96 of 2022 Authorizing the Execution of a Payment in Lieu of Tax (PILOT) Agreement By and Among the City of Auburn, Olympia Terrace Housing Development Fund Company, Inc., and Olympia Terrace Limited Partnership and Authorizing the Conveyance of the Property (as Defined Herein) by the Auburn Housing Authority
  •  Council Resolution #97 of 2022 Requesting a Public Hearing to Support Restore Grants 
  •  Council Resolution #98 of 2022 Requesting a Public Hearing on the Program Year 2022 CDBG Annual Action Plan Amendment
  •  Agreement Resolution #99 of 2022, Authorizing A  First Amendment To the Agreement With the Auburn Enlarged City School District For Student Resource Officers and Special Patrol Officers